Görkem Ergün:
Born in 1981 in Ankara, Turkey. He received his bachelor’s degree in Communication
from Anatolian University Eskisehir. He finished his master’s degree on Design in Kadir
Has University in January 2014 . He lives and works in Istanbul.

Personal Exhibitons:
-2013 January. 'RAW' Poligon 'TheShooting' Gallery
-2014 December 'F.S.T.R' TORUN Gallery
-2015 November 'Threshold' The Empire Project
-2021 March.2 Phase: Repair’ The Empire Project collaboration with March Art Project

Group Exhibitions.
-2012 May. Siemens Borders Orbits 11-12 Exhibition
-2012 November..Contemporary İstanbul - Book Dummy (with Reccollective)
-2013 October. 1.Tblisi Trienal 'Acting In The Library' Group Exhibition
-2013 November. Contemporary İstanbul-(with BCAC Project and The Empire Project)
-2014 November. Contemporary İstanbul-(with Sekerbank OpenScreen and The Empire
-2015 November. Contemporary İstanbul-(The Empire Project)
-2015 December. Istanbul Modern - Habitat
-2016 July. Les Glaneurs et Les Glaneuses- Versus Art Project
-2017 May . A Reflected Assertion - Galeri Siyah Beyaz
-2018 April . Monomyth - Galeri Nev Ankara
-2020 June. Crystal Chateau - Evliyagil Museum

-Sanat Dünyamız (Yapi Kredi Publication) N:132 / January-February 2012
-Aralik Book. Collective Publishing
-Frankenstein Book Cover . Can Publishing

Artist in Residence:
-BCAC Project/ August-September 2013
-Aksanat - Printmaking Workshop / June-September 2015

-Siemens Borders Orbits 11-12